Recruitment Process

How it Works

1. Learn About Our Opportunities

Our goal is to double the size of our Foundation medical staff in the next few years. We’re sure you’ll find an excellent variety of open positions for which you may be uniquely qualified. We offer Foundation-employed, Hospital-based and private practice opportunities. If you don’t see a position that’s right for you, please check back often. New opportunities are added all the time.

2. Review Opportunity Requirements and Applicant Process

First, review the position description to determine if you meet the requirements of the open position you’re interested in. While you’re there, check out the health and welfare benefits provided for our professionals as well as our employment policy. Should you meet the minimum standards for the position, please submit your CV in a Word or PDF format to HHP Recruitment.
We will review each applicant’s educational background and training against the requirements of the position, and will contact candidates who best meet the requirements of the position.

3. Phone Interview

Should you be selected to move forward, a member of our recruitment team will contact you to set up a telephone interview. The phone interview process (including providing additional information about the position and answering your questions), takes approximately one to one and a half hours. The recruitment team will pass on a transcript of the interview and a copy of your CV to HHP leadership for review.

4. Group Screening

Candidates who appear to meet the requirements of the position and are a good match for the practice and the group will be contacted for the next step, which includes a face-to-face interview. The interview will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the team and the candidate. If you’re not selected at this stage, please stay in touch with our recruitment staff so you can pursue other opportunities with HHP.

5. In-Person Interview

Ideally, selected candidates will all be interviewed on the same day. This affords the interviewing team a chance to weigh the candidates against the needs of the organization and community. The interview day will include a one-on-one interview with the President of the Foundation, Medical Director/President of the Group and a team interview of physician leaders. A tour of the facilities and hospital will be arranged as well as a tour of the community if time permits.

6. Selecting a Candidate

Making the decision to offer a position to a candidate is as challenging for the group as it is for the candidate deciding whether or not to accept it. Careful consideration of each candidate’s education, training, experience and other qualifying factors for the position are reviewed along with the interview experience of the team with the candidate.

Selected candidates invited to join the Huntington Foundation Medical Group team will be notified of the next steps. We’ll conduct a reference check with three individuals who are qualified to speak about the candidate’s training, skills and character. If these are satisfactory, an offer letter will follow. The offer letter outlines the key terms of the offer including the salary, benefits, and expectations of the candidate regarding the start date and credentialing process.

7. Acceptance of the Offer

Our recruitment team works with the candidate to answer questions and discuss the terms and conditions of the offer. Once the candidate has had an opportunity to review and understand the offer, they typically have one business week to make a decision, sign and return the offer letter.

8. Contract Agreement and Credentialing

Once the signed offer letter is received, the credentialing process begins. The candidate must work diligently with the recruitment/credentialing team to assure that medical group and hospital staff privileges are obtained prior to the newly hired physician and/or advanced practice professional’s start date.

Once the documents have been successfully completed and collected, the employment contract is drafted for signature. The recruitment team will review the contract with the candidate and answer any questions they may have. The professional is expected to sign the agreement and finalize any outstanding paperwork at this time.

The recruitment team works closely with the professional to ensure that the paperwork is complete and the candidate has a smooth transition to his or her new position with Huntington Health Physicians.